About the project

Russia House – the official Russian residence and a multifunctional platform for business meetings, negotiations, and informal networking aimed at business leaders, prominent politicians, economists, academics, and representatives of the creative professions. In 2018, Russia House was granted the status of Russia’s official residence in Davos.

The primary goal of Russia House is to promote Russian initiatives and stimulate dialogue among the international business community and official circles, draw attention to Russia’s business opportunities, investment attractiveness, and openness to collaboration, and showcase the country’s culture and traditions on the global stage.

The Russia House became not only a traditional meeting place for representatives of international business and official circles, but also an important discussion platform on the Davos map, with a recognizable format and image. In 2020, affiliated WEF programme sessions set was held at Russia House in Davos for the first time.

The number of participants and guests at the Russian residence is growing steadily. The attendance figures have doubled since 2018 (over 1,000 participants from 60 countries in 2018; 1,500 participants from 70 countries in 2019; and over 2,000 participants from 85 countries in 2020). Members of the official Russian delegation, prominent Russian and foreign businesspeople, experts, and opinion leaders participate in the work of the Russia House.

“A meeting of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council in Russia with the heads of major corporations took place at the Russia House in Davos. Everyone noted the positive dynamics of the development of macroeconomic indicators and agreed on further joint actions to improve cooperation between the government and businesses.”

Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Maxim Oreshkin

“The Russia House is one of the most attractive and interesting places on the main street of Davos. It has a substantial business programme, and offers the opportunity to meet people who are interested in Russia, and to set up conversations about Russia. This is a great project and I fully support it.”

Vice Chairman, SUN Group
Shiv Vikram Khemka


“The Russia House not only embodies the warmth of relationships. It is primarily about the well-formulated agenda of the business programme, which is of great interest. People are extremely interested to learn objective information about what is really going on and how the global economy will develop.”

Minister, Head of Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations, Moscow City Government; Chairman of the Board, Business Council for Cooperation with India
Sergei Cheryomin

“The Russia House is a unique platform that contributes to the organization of meaningful discussions about how to collaborate further, and in what direction to go with our cooperation with world-class partners. And the attention paid to the Russia House, which we see today on the part of the guests, is worth a lot.”

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
Stanislav Kuznetsov


“Interest in the Russia House in Davos this year has increased, and people come with a clear understanding of the fact that here, important business communication takes place, in which one can discuss in detail what is happening in Russia today. It is noticeable even in visual terms: there are a lot of people, and the time they spend here is a meaningful part of their time in Davos.”

Chairman of the Management Board, Sibur Holding
Dmitry Konov

“The Russian agenda in Davos is not losing its relevance. Russia is part of the global economy and one of the world’s key players. Russia is present at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This is important both for our country and for the entire international community. ”

Country Managing Partner for Russia and CIS, EY
Alexander Ivlev

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