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Go Game Presentation

21 January 17:00-17:30
 Main hall, level 0

The Oriental game of Go is the language of business communication for the Asian elite. Go is not just a game – it is a culture of strategic dialogue that breaks through national, social, and language barriers. A Go-esque strategy has been employed in Rusgeology’s international project on the tokenization of tangible assets, which helps identify stratagems to achieve mutually beneficial solutions.

The simplicity of the rules and the depth of philosophy make Go one of the highest intellectual pursuits of humankind. In Go, players place stones on intersections on a board. The golden age of networking technologies from social networks to blockchain is creating a new economy built on intersections rather than cells. In the game the players do not fight for resources, but share them for mutual benefit. This is a world without knock-out games, where overwhelming victory is no longer possible. In such a world, network models come before linear hierarchies, and the weak before the strong. The world of intersections needs a new multimodal strategy.