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Media Accreditation


  1. Accreditation of the mass media representatives (hereinafter - the Media) to Russia House in Davos (hereinafter referred to as Russia House) is conducted in order to provide the necessary conditions for professional operations in the preparation and dissemination of complete and reliable information about the events of Russia House.
  2. Media accreditation is required to conduct any professional activities at any Russia House events.
  3. When conducting professional activities, media representatives are required to respect the rights and legitimate interests of participants and staff of Russia House and comply with generally recognized ethical standards.
  4. The number of media representatives to take part in the operations of Russia House is limited due to organizer’s intention to provide media representatives with the most comfortable mode of operation and quick access to all necessary resources, considering the limited infrastructure facilities of the venue.

Accreditation of Media representatives

  1. Accreditation procedure

    Both Russian and foreign media representatives can file an application for participation in the events of Russia House. At that:

    • Russian media organizations should be registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communication, Information Technology, and Mass Media (hereinafter, Roscomnadzor);
    • Foreign media organizations should provide an electronic copy of an international press card of media representatives.
  2. Application for accreditation submission and review

    1. Representatives of the media intending to cover the Russia House events submit a request for accreditation (hereinafter request) through the Russia House official website (www.houserussia.com) with the link: https://reg.houserussia.com/en/registration
    2. Accreditation for media representatives is valid for all days of the Russia House operation.

    Organizers of the Russia House project reserve the right to refuse accreditation for:

    • applicants not representing media;
    • representatives of the media specializing in publications of purely advertising nature, reference information or highly specialized matters unrelated to the subject of the Russia House events.

    Organizers of the Russia House project reserve the right to refuse accreditation with no reason provided.

  3. The procedure for issuing accreditation badges to media representatives

    Media representatives receive accreditation badges, subject to approval of the registration application submitted by e-mail.

    Accreditation badges are issued at the Russian House.

    Accreditation badges may be issued only if accreditation is confirmed.

    The badge is individual; it’s non-transferrable to third parties during the Russia House operation. The badge must be carried visibly all the time while at the Russia House.

    If the accreditation badge is missing, lost or stolen, the media representative must report this to the Russia House information desk. Lost badge will be invalidated. A duplicate will be issued shortly.

  4. Rights and obligations of media representatives accredited to Russia House

    1. a media representative accredited to Russia House has the right:

      • to use all services specifically set up for journalists and press service employees;
      • to receive information about official events and exhibitions of Russia House (press releases, business programme, list of participants, catalogues, etc.)
      • to participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.
    2. a media representative accredited to Russia House is obliged:

      • to verify the information they report;
      • to comply with the requests of the persons providing information for the source disclosure;
      • when receiving information from individuals and officials, inform them about audio and video recording, filming and photo shooting;
      • while on duty, present upon request a media ID card or other document certifying the identity and commission of the journalist;
      • to not use their professional means to conceal information or falsify public information, collect information on the account of an unauthorized entity or an organization that is not the Media;
      • to suspend (cease) photo/video shooting upon the request of Russia House Security Service representatives;
      • to not distribute printed materials at Russia House without prior consent of the organizers of the Russia House project;
      • when using official information and quoting the statements of the participants of Russia House, follow the Russia House Reference Policy, specifically: final copies should contain the reference to Russia House/Davos and the source of information, and for electronic media – a link to the official website of Russia House (www.houserussia.com) and the Roscongress Foundation (www.roscongress.org). Any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information are prohibited.