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Artificial Intellegence from Sberbank at Russia House in Davos

On the morning of 25 January, guests at Russia House in Davos had the opportunity to watch a live broadcast of a breakfast with the participation of President and Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Herman Graf.

After breakfast, Senior Vice-President of Sberbank Aleksandr Vedyakhin conversed with guests and journalists at the Russia House venue on the subject “How artificial intelligence is transforming companies and the economy: benefits and threats”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the most important technological trend of 2017-18. The processing of natural languages, computer vision, biometrics, speech technology, data mining, and predictive analytics are becoming more accessible as the advent of the AI era becomes inevitable. People like to use AI technology because it means faster and more convenient services. For its part, business is forced to use these technologies in order to gain concrete advantages. “ At the same time, AI technologies are a step toward the client. Implementing AI makes it possible to reduce operating costs not by three or four times, but by tens of times. This is an enomous step forward,” the senior Sberbank manager said. How can the opportunities and advantages of AI technology be fully harnessed in order to accelerate economic growth and improve quality of life? How can the threats associated with technological progress be avoided? How can humanity ensure that it doesn’t lose this contest? These were the questions discussed at a session of the business programme of Russia House in Davos devoted to Russia’s role in the global digital agenda.

January 25, 2018